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As with all of us, after a hot bath and a good brushing (the women would understand that more then men) we all clean up well, after a hike. I hope you enjoyed our virtual hike to Keet Seel. Please click on the WWW.Path-of-the-Ancients.com link below to continue your journey to other ancient ruins of the Southwest. The link will also take you to our "About Us" page, as well as, our e-mail box where you can give us your comments or ask us questions. I would appreciate it if you would fill out our guest book since it helps with my evaluation. You know, more Treats!
Visit us again where our next hikes will be taking us to Utah, decending into Grand Gulch Canyon, Fish & Owl Canyons and my favorite Lime Canyon. Lime Canyon was my first major hike and you will see puppy shots of me (my parents are very proud of me, boarding on embarrasing). But, these canyons are full of ancient Anasazi ruins and you will not be disappointed in the many photographs you will see along the way.
We hope to see you soon on the trail to the Path of the Ancients.


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